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PAPILLON Video Input System


At the core of PAPILLON’s Video Input System, is the special digital camera PAPILLON TVC-9.3 providing high-quality digital electronic image capturing.

For integration into:

Delivery package includes:

  • PAPILLON TVC-9.3 digital camera
  • Extension rings
  • PAPILLON camera-and-object holder (optional)
  • Suitable lighting unit (optional)
  • USB 2.0 cable


  • Software:
    • MS Windows OS, Linux OS
    • MS Windows Interface: TWAIN, SDK, driver
    • Linux Interface: SDK, driver.

Its ample capabilities include macro- and microphotography, as well as advanced software controls for the shooting process, including adjusting of exposure, brightness, contrast, color, etc. The camera has a color sensor embedded and a programmable mode of black-and-white emulation embodied.

Attached to an USB port on a computer, the TVC-9.3 requires neither special video board nor individual power source. PAPILLON's camera-and-object holder provides reliable camera mounting.

The camera ensures the imaging in a wide rage of linear dimensions, including the shooting of close-ups of small objects by means of extension rings that maximize its focal distance up to 30 mm (when using all the 3 extension rings), providing thereby the image capture with ten times magnification.

Capturing micro images is available through a microscope attached to the camera via special connector and equipped with a photomicrographic unit.

Color shooting is available through an embedded infrared-cut filter that cuts the infrared component of light. This method of image capture enables the color images of higher quality than those captured in standard environment.

The PAPILLON TVC-9.3 camera is capable of taking pictures in infrared light, i.e. with infrared backlight or in conditions of natural or sufficiently intensive artificial light .

The following image parameters can be adjusted through the application window:

  • Image scale in the preview window
  • Image size to be recorded (2592 х 1944 or 1286 х 972 pixels)
  • Dynamic range of the image (8 or 12 bits) 
  • Chromatic level (color or grayscale image)
  • Exposure (program auto-exposure or manual exposure control)
  • Brightness and color balance

The PAPILLON software allows you to change the exposure over a wide range through accumulating signal on the camera image sensor. In comparison with standard video cameras, this feature makes it possible to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio or to reduce the lighting requirements.

When shooting moving objects, frames are recorded in an accumulation buffer. Then a needed frame can be selected for examination.

Live video of an object on the computer screen helps the user to achieve a better quality of the image by applying various adjusting tools..

TWAIN Interface Features:

  • Real-time image capture
  • Sequenced frame recording (up to 100)
  • Frame selection
  • Processing filters
  • Transfer of processed frames to TWAIN app
  • Digitization modes: 8 bit / 12 bit
  • 12 bit to 8 bit transformation with automatic or manual tuning to dynamic range of the image
  • RGGB to RGB (8:8:8 or 16:16:16) transformation
  • Adjustment of chromaticity and color tone; gamma correction
The following extra options can be developed at Customer's request:
  • External synchronization (frame capture by external signal)
  • Bringing-out of internal synchronization


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