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PAPILLON MDS 45c Multifunction Livescan Station


PAPILLON MDS 45C is designed for intensive use at police stations to perform daily fingerprint enrollment and a quick verification of detainees, suspects, etc.

This standalone station is equipped with PAPILLON DS-45.


  • PC
  • PAPILLON DS-45 integrated finger and palm print scanner
  • Laser printer
  • UPS
  • Digital camera
  • Modem
  • Digital signature medium (optional)
  • Electronic signature tablet (optional)
  • Flatbed scanner (optional)


The housing of the station is designed as a ruggedized compact cabinet. The hardware components are securely fixed in this rugged kiosk. Most of the equipment (computer, printer, uninterruptible power supply unit, and flatbed scanner (if any)) is mounted within the kiosk and can be easily accessed, in case of need, due to some proprietary design solutions.

The integrated fingerprint and palmprint scanner is embedded in the top deck of the kiosk, while the LCD display and the digital camera are installed in its flap cover. On the left side of the cabinet, there is a drop table built-in. The cabinet is covered with powder enamel that is highly resistant to galling.

Designed as a cabinet, the Papillon MDS 45c requires no special room that is inaccessible for unauthorized persons. While not in use, the cabinet is closed becoming a “thing in itself”, protected from unauthorized access and vandal-proof, which allows this standalone to be used under all environmental conditions, even in crowded passage-ways, police call centers, etc.

No fingerprint knowledge is needed to operate the MDS 45c stations.


  • Creation of forensic quality tenprints with palm impressions and their export to AFIS (PAPILLON Live SCANNER package)
  • Storage of electronic tenprint cards in the LIVE SCANNER system database maintained on the workstation and printout
  • Fast automatic checking of personal identity by his/her flat fingerprints against tenprint databases of LIVE SCANNER and PAPILLON AFIS (PAPILLON FILTER package)
  • Acquisition of fingerprint data from paper tenprint cards and lifted latent print record cards to search them against AFIS databases (flatbed scanner and remote input package)


  • Dial-up and dedicated connections
  • Cellular links (EDGE/GPRS/GSM, CDMA)
  • LAN


  • in operation .........................................1600 x 585 x 562 mm
  • when closed.........................................1170 x 585 x 562 mm

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