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Operational Experience


The technology of express ID checks has been widely used in Russia by law enforcement bodies since 2009 within the framework of a nationwide project of Integrated AFIS (AFIS MVD).

The express ID check matching systems have been deployed at:

  • Central (Federal) site of AFIS-MVD with the database of more than 50 million tenprints (throughput performance – 1,340 ID check requests per hour)
  • 10 interregional AFIS sites with databases of 3 to 10 million tenprints (throughput performance – 140-340 ID check requests per hour)
  • 70 regional AFIS sites with databases of 150 thousand to 3 million of tenprints (throughput performance – 80-130 ID check requests per hour)

1,200 PAPILLON MDS 45 stations have been installed and put into operation at local agencies to perform real-time express ID check against regional, interregional and federal AFIS databases. The outcome of their operation shows that in most cases the fingerprints of individuals being checked exist in the AFIS databases. During such checking, numerous cases of identity fraud have been discovered.



2003 to 2007, the National AFIS constructed using PAPILLON’s AFIS technologies got 11 fixed stations for fingerprint enrollment and instant ID checks installed for the needs of the Albanian Police.

All major entry points to the country – international airport, harbors and border check-points – have all the opportunities to conduct express ID checks against the central AFIS database installed in Tirana, the capital of the Republic. Remote stations are connected with the AFIS system via dedicated DSL channels of MOPO Network. One session of express ID check against the entire AFIS database (about 500 thousand tenprints) takes less than 1 minute.

In 2016, supplied anew were 23 stations of PAPILLON MDS 45 to conduct fingerprinting and instant identity verification.



2012, arising out of the Project “Supply of AFIS/FIIS System to Prevent and Suppress Illegal Migrations on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia”, an AFIS system constructed by and based on PAPILLON’s technologies was put into operation for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Border Police. Along with standard components, this system comprises 222 compact handheld devices PAPILLON DPP enabling remote identity checks against the central AFIS and verification of border crossing credentials.

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