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PAPILLON-FOSKO Evidential Photography Mobile Kit


Reflected (incident) light

Reflected UV light

Oblique light

Oblique UV light

PAPILLON-FOSKO is a new highly functional kit and an excellent choice for crime scene search teams.

This professional equipment is recommended by Forensic Science Centre, Ministry of Interior of Russia, to forensic examiners for practical use.

PAPILLON-FOSKO is designed for digital photography of a variety of physical evidence, including fingerprints and palmprints developed on objects or lifted with lifting tapes, three-dimensional prints and tool marks, in different illumination conditions.

Product Highlights:

1. Lightweight and compact, self-contained unit independent of external power sources

2. Ease of use – no photographic experience and additional adjustment are required to achieve superior results

3. High-quality images regardless of ambient light conditions

4. Four types of illumination sources:

  • reflected white or ultraviolet light
  • oblique white or ultraviolet light

5. Compact translucent platform to take pictures in transmitted light
6. Ability to take photos of latent prints, difficult for lifting off or even unliftable, with the quality better than ever (bloody and volumetric prints, prints on mirror surfaces, prints developed with luminescent powders, etc.) 

Kit Components:

  1. Digital camera
  2. Block of lights
  3. Translucent platform

Using PAPILLON-FOSKO concurrently with PAPILLON-LATOP the investigator can transfer the latent impressions of fingers and palms found at crime scenes to the PAPILLON AFIS for checking them against the database in real time, making it possible to solve crimes hot on the traces.

Dimensions, mm:

  • Camera with block of lights: 100 Θ 65 Θ 135
  • Translucent platform: 190 Θ 115 Θ 25
  • Operational area: 56 x 56

Total Weight, kg: 0,98

1) fingerprint left in plasticine

2) fingerprint left on a mirror

3) fingerprint after it was developed with luminescent powder

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