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System for Automating Forensic Experts Work

PAPILLON RASTR Application Program for Preparing Examination Reports, Illustrations and Charts

PAPILLON RASTR software enables users to repair and process images, conduct comparisons and prepare and print examination reports. A crime scene investigator can improve dirty, overlapping or other poor quality latent prints by processing them with RASTR’s various repair tools prior to exporting them for matching.

RASTR offers also the tools for illustrating fingerprint and palmprint, ballistics, handwriting and trace examination procedures and preparing printouts of expert reports and worksheets on identification of cold arms, firearms, handwriting, stamps and seals, on microscopic investigations of all kinds, etc.

RASTR is designed especially for forensic experts to save their time, to facilitate examination procedures and to improve productivity.


PAPILLON ExpertLab Camera&Lighting Equipment for Detecting, Reproducing and Photographing Forensic Evidence

PAPILLON ExpertLab is a facility consisting of a stand and a set of detachable lighters providing a wide range of illumination conditions for studying objects and for capturing images. For fixing the objects special holders are used. Besides, the station is fitted with a dark-field box and a translucent platform.


  • Thorough, efficient examination of material evidence with the view of finding the impressions of hands, footprints, as well as the traces of etching, wiping off, erasing, filled-in scratches or inscriptions and indented writing
  • Forensic quality evidential photography of objects and marks


PAPILLON-BLIP Automated System for Examining Forged Banknotes and Documents by “Yellow Tracking Dots”

PAPILLON-BLIP is an automated system designed specifically for forensic examiners to reveal and to analyze special identifying markings that are added to each page by some color printers and copiers.

The visualization and analysis of these yellow dots can help forensic experts to elicit facts of illegal printing as well as to identify a printing device used for counterfeiting and to reveal relationships between the printed specimens under consideration.


PAPILLON-FOSKO Evidential Photography Mobile Kit

PAPILLON-FOSKO is designed for digital photography of a variety of physical evidence, including fingerprints and palmprints developed on objects or lifted with lifting tapes, three-dimensional prints and tool marks, in different illumination conditions:

  • reflected white or ultraviolet light
  • oblique white or ultraviolet light
  • transmitted light

PAPILLON KLIM 3D System for Producing 3D Facial Composites of Wanted Criminals

Recognizing the continuing need for building composites, PAPILLON has made a revolutionizing facial composite software system. This system enables realistic representation of an eyewitness’s memory of a suspect through ‘live’ modeling of a three-dimensional facial image and precise adjustments of any and all feature components in real time.


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